Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Now we're at $1.3 million under Net School Spending

According to DESE, the adjusted charter school enrollment figures, based on Oct. 1 enrollment (rather than estimates), are significantly SMALLER this year than in the past.
We will, he said, therefore be $500,000 ADDITIONALLY under net school spending.
(Because the state funds the estimate, but then funds only the actual number of students in charter school seats.But the state taking that funding away does not change the bottom line of what needs to go to schools. The difference needs to be made up with municipal contribution.)
That brings the total to $1.3 million under net school spending.

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Tracy Novick said...

In case we lost you there, try this:
The state has reduced our charter tuition reimbursement by $500,000 due to the charter schools not having as many students as they said they would have.
We still have to spend the same amount of money on education in the city.
The city has to make up the difference.