Thursday, September 20, 2012

Questions from the Committee

asks if a student leaves the country, does he count as a dropout? Yes, if we cannot account for enrollment elsewhere
raises the standard, not lessens them. Achievable standards
"wide range of factors brought to bear in that calculation...this is a standard they can we expect them to meet"
Union Hill's challenge of absorbing new students
Novick: I'm giving you answers and comments here, rather than my questions
Student Growth Profile: the achievement profile is determined not only by test scores but also by demographics of students
Not clear yet on how the state is working on changes in test as we shift to Common Core and further as we shift to a different testing system
allocation of Title I funds: parents concerned about loss of after school programs, needed for assistance with homework
Boone mentioned already history and science: o
committee brought together on reallocation of Title I: who is on it?
after school programs: Boone comments "continuous results model"
need to document (increased test scores?) why we chose the intervention that we did
how is administration determining priority schools? Level 3 schools are our first set of priorities
Boone "have some ability to provide services beyond our Title I schools" if they need it
"concerned that our non Level 3 schools will not receive assistance"
(Note: if you're wondering what "level" your school is, you can find the list on the last page here.)

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