Friday, September 28, 2012

Meetings next week

Hugely behind on posts...fighting a flu this week...

There is a meeting of the Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports subcommittee on Monday at 5:30 (4th floor of DAB). You can find the agenda here. Under discussion:

The full Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday at 7 pm at City Hall. You can find that agenda here.
After some honors (including Thorndyke's playground committee!), the report of the Superintendent is on the innovation schools, year one (worryingly without a backup, as yet).
We're hearing about the new children's gallery at the Worcester Historical Museum.
We've got both the TLSS and the Governance and Employee Issues committees reporting out.
We have a response back on JROTC programs.
Several requests for recognitions, publications, and reports are going in.
Two grants: 
  1. $95,716 for Kindergarten Assessment Entry testing (largely to be spent on materials)
  2. $421,715 has come in for Burncoat Prep's Level 4 grant. You will remember that this is the money that is contingent on a number of things, including the replacement of the principal.
Also $13,274.44 in prior year invoices (for natural gas).
And we're getting a recommendation that finalists for the special education position be interviewed on October 18.

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