Thursday, September 20, 2012

NCLB waiver report

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Boone: "what the changes are within the state, what they mean for us..."
waivers allowed to be submitted to NCLB this year
no reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as of yet
"that gives credit for the fine work that's going on in our system"
"current" as it has not been reauthorized or redacted
100% of students proficient by 2014
AYP was determination for schools and districts
MA had rigorous standards, making excellent progress, yet not making bar
waiver granted (as it has been for all but six states)
reduce proficiency gap by 50% by 2016-17
"takes into consideration the progress that schools are making"
No more AYP
Progress and Performance Index: PPI
greater focus on subgroups
2011 is our baseline year for targets going forward
AYP gave no recognition for student growth
multiple years of data, rather than one year of data
this is partial credit model (no longer if you didn't hit one, you didn't hit it at all)
students no longer counted multiple times: everyone counts in aggregate, but there's a SINGLE "high needs" subgroup, where a student may count again; no more than that
movement beyond proficiency is now rewarded
"advanced proficiency is really what we should be targeting"
"haven't abandoned attendance" but no longer part of calculation
What is in PPI?

  1. CPI (ELA, math, science)
  2. MCAS growth (ELA, math)
  3. cohort graduation rate
  4. annual dropout rate
These last two for high schools only
Maximum number of 700 points, but points by school vary as elementary schools do not have all indicators (elementary schools have no more than 400)
Needs Improvment and Failing have two options: Low and High (different numbers of models)
new system expects 51-59 student growth percentile points OR 10-14 percentile points in growth OR if the number not proficient decreases by 10 percent
reduce by at least half the gap between a perfect score and the 2011 CPI score
dropout is that we cannot account for their enrollment elsewhere
WPS dropout rate is 3%: bring it to less than 2% in the next six years
graduation rate: the state has set federally approved targets for state to hit
Levels of schools: 
Commendation schools: high achieving, high growth, gap narrowing (all are Level 1 schools)
Title I funds: 25% of funds reserved on a sliding scale to address identified needs of lowest performing schools
Needs of lowest achieving students in lowest performing schools
"uneven performance in mathematics...revised frameworks in the Common Core"
Columbus Park had high performance but could not make AYP

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