Thursday, March 1, 2012

with apologies for the lack of posts I have been flat on my back with the flu since last week... 
There is (so far)  a meeting of the Worcester School Committee tonight at 7 pm at Worcester Technical High School. You will find the agenda here.
On tonight's agenda: a presentation of three schools who will be submitting innovation plans. Worcester Technical High, Lincoln Street, and Worcester East Middle Schools are presenting tonight. There is, as yet, no backup (and we haven't gotten the plans yet).
Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports had a meeting on Tuesday, and the report is coming back from that meeting. That report includes debate teams, BMI, cell phone use in school, and gym class.
There wasn't actually an F&O meeting this week; it was postponed by Mr. Foley because I was sick. 
We've got two requests coming in from City Council (wow, and they never send us stuff): one for a master plan, and one for negotiating parking for Gates Lane School.
We've been told by the DPW that the garage at City Hall won't be done until late April. Expect to see some action on that one.
A number of requests going off to committee: revising graduation to align with MassCore, creating descriptions of the standing committees, asking for a report on MCAS appeals, looking into a virtual school, and creating a policy on remote participation by members. Oh, and should we look into that empty space at St. Peter-Marian?
Also, some recognitions: those who won the essay and art contest honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. and a Girls Inc. scholarship winner. (Those are not happening tonight; we're passing items.)

Starts at 7!

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