Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday wrap-up

A few things I didn't get to post this week:
  • Boston's pulling of pink slime made the New York Times. I've now been sent notice of so many supermarkets dropping it that I've lost track.
  • GoLocalWorcester did a "we found some people who have an opinion but no information about homeless students in Worcester" post. While I don't usually out reporters calling me and then not doing anything with it, this time, I am going to say: I told you to call and get numbers. You should have called and gotten numbers. And some working knowledge of how this works.
  • The editorial board of the T&G did their bimonthly (or so) "charter schools will save us all" editorial, which means it's time once again to point out that they did so without pointing out that their editor's wife works for a charter school. Journalism 101, guys. (And see Jim Gonyea for more on this.)
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution did a massive look at test scores in cities across the country (not Worcester) and pulled out the ones with suspicious gains.
  • CPPAC is having a Parent Expo next Saturday at Clark and you should go!

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