Monday, March 5, 2012

second quarter report

having grants approved at state level has been a challenge
Allen: moved many positions from regular funds to grant funds; asking how positions are supplemental
"have been able to balance" this year
will affect FY13 budget

administration salaries is $200,000 under so far (retirements and a long-term sub)
$322,347 teacher salaries in deficit (grants funds as above; also vacancy factor)
$350,000 IAs in deficit: also grants, plus class coverage payment
Health insurance is projected to have a balance o $1,200,000; retiree health insurance has not gone up as much as expected for this year
city gas has gone up 58 cents a gallon as of January 1 (that's now $3.213)

Recommending $30,000 each for the performance awards for the Level 4 schools
$15,000 for the Clark Masters' Program
$3,680 for four School Committee members to go to the National School Board Association conference

Foley notes continuous savings in health insurance
Allen: "will be living within the inflation factor for next year, as well"
Foley recommends one or two going to the conference

 a bit of a back and forth here about the state's strictures around spending around grants, as they're being quite techy about how we're our spending grants. They really want us to prove that it is supplemental spending, not core spending...
Foley recommends sending only two members to the conference; discussion here about having as many as four go

O'Connell recommends that we get a report back on moving positions off of grant funds

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