Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No school in Madison today: UPDATED (again)

...but it isn't because of snow! So many teachers called in sick today to join the massive protest (more here) against Governor Scott Walker's proposal to cut collective bargaining rights for teachers that the city of Madison could not hold school. The public hearing officially ended at three am, but public testimony was taken still being taken by the Democratic minority of the subcommittee at 7:30.
The subcommittee is expected to vote on the bill at noon; the two bodies will take it up later this week. The House is expected to pass it; last word was that the Senate majority leader was still looking for votes.
I should also point out that Governor Walker said he was prepared to call out the National Guard to ensure services were not disrupted. 

(You can keep up on the latest with the Wisconsin State Journal's Twitter feed or look for the hashtag #notmywi)

The above is the statue "Forward" which is on top of the capital dome in Madison. Alas, I can find no good images of the badger on her helmet.

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Jim Gonyea said...

So what's the governor there going to do? Have the National Guard shoot teachers?