Thursday, December 16, 2010

Testing and Assessment Specialist

what's up with the position? This from a supplementary agenda, which includes an item sponsored by Mullaney, Foley, and Novick to discuss the position.
(we're having a retirement: how much is this going to cost? what are we looking for?)
Boone: greater requirement that we use data
"what we have to monitor, track, and report on has grown"
can no longer be a one person position
"closing the loop on the data"
"testing requirements, protocols, training..."
PhD is not a requirement for this position; either a master's degree, or significant experience
salary has been restructured.."a specialist position, not a manager's position" (aka, salary will be lower)
Biancheria: are there requirements for licenses? rumor going around that the former person is coming back as a consultant, and a part time person?
Boone says that's news to her
there's no licensure requirement for the existing job, either; none for the new person, either
reports come to superintendent; she then sends them out

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