Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boston school closures and the charter school connection

I haven't gotten to posting about what's happening to our east, but there's a good summary, along with some weirdness around the charter school connection, over at Blue Mass Group. It looks like Boston is going to have its own version of those painful meetings we saw in New York, where a non-elected board votes on the future of the schools in the community.

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Jim Gonyea said...

State law requires that if you close a school that a local charter gets first dibs on the building. Seems to me that Boston is just doing exactly what the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education wants. They're simply following the agenda being set by the state. I keep saying it and writing it, there's lots of money in public education and corporations aren't making profits on it. They want those dollars and they're going to get them. The DESE and state government in general is complicit in the whole affair and the Top Men will get nice six figure jobs when their time in public office ends. There's gold at the end of those hills. Gold for corporations and the public officials aiding their activities.