Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goal setting

Core values and operating principals..and goals separated to be approved
"less is sometimes more than five goals (recommended by MASC)"

Biancheria: concern with core values and operating practices...would like to see grant funding and budget portion added to this...we still have to have finances and budget
Boone points out that this is "as a school district of choice..." suggests it would be more appropriate as a goal rather than a value
Biancheria says she's open to what the committee decides

Foley..values are fairly the draft goals, "from government and private sector sources, including grant funding" Likes goals...asks for "rigor" to be added

O'Brien: goals are only valuable if they're measurable..."what does it mean?"...benchmarks. To tech add "21st century technology to both our regular and our special education students" "not always made it (using tech for special ed students) a priority" To facilities plan, add customer service together..."my thought process on the school facilities to make them" clean last goal, "is to be advocates for the system...we know there's plenty of people who will tell the public how we're's our job to tell the story of how we're succeeding...highlighting how we are achieving"

Monfredo: likes core values, likes educating the whole child...on the MASS core subjects related to the MCAS scores..Boone asks if that might be redundant, as part of the comprehensive it's already there...Monfredo says he can go either way. Boone points out that this is graduation requirements. He wants to see 7 goals...but has to go through them to figure out which ones he wants.

O'Connell: "we could very comfortably live with eight, nine, or ten goals..." wouldn't take more energy from School Committee..administration drafts plans, we review and pass I feel comfortable with ten...our goal is to make sure there is a plan in rigorous add "intensive...raises the bar...all that more challenging...add to service learning, "physical fitness and wellness"...parents "and guardians"

O'Brien asks that we not only develop a plan, that we implement it

Novick asks for parallel structure in both values and goals...we're about more than "accelerat(ing) student achievement"..asks that it be broadened...phrasing other than "customer service..this isn't a fee for service exchange" ...will not support increase in time

Biancheria...combining goals rather than eliminating them
Boone says these will come back in January.

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