Thursday, April 16, 2009

The report comes back

The Telegram and Gazette story on the front page of today's paper gives the main points of what will undoubtedly be the focus of tonight's School Committee meeting. You can find links to the various Superintendent reports and read it for yourself online.

  • 15 teachers fired, of whom 9 are special ed, four of whom have been teaching for two years on state waivers
  • 18 fired unless there's a position available for which they are qualified (as they are teaching outside their subject area)
  • 78 teachers in the district are teaching on waivers
As no comments from administration has been offered to the press, one can only imagine that the spin will be coming tonight.

Are we a district that faults teachers for teaching outside of their subject area? Or are we a city that holds responsible those who did the hiring?

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