Thursday, February 5, 2009

School Calendar

(This one isn't on the agenda)

Subcommittee report on calendar by Mary Mullaney:

Any days before January 21 need to be made up any way they can...going more days, vacations, Saturdays....

After those days, schools may "bank days" by going an extra 45 minutes for 8 days.

Recommendation that March 13 and Good Friday both now be school days. That puts our last day of school at June 23, bumped to June 24 for last week's snow day.

School banking recommended to run March 9 for 8 days (no Fridays). Those days would be 45 minutes longer.
An additional snow storm in February would extend the banking an additional two weeks.

How to use that time?
Working on MCAS, working AP...for secondary level, principals use it to maximum advantage. Elementary days are simply extended.

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