Thursday, February 26, 2009

Business Subcommittee

Revisions on the website
Recommend all schools have their own sites that are well-maintained
The webmaster is now looking at the website and "looking at content management systems"
Rollout is expected this summer
Plan to include parent information section, including grades (hope to reduce cost)

South High pool: WEDF grant to repair?
next few years are devoted to Foley Stadium and there's only so much money

Supplemental agenda covers business subcommittee recommendation; they check halfway through the year to see what changes if any they need to make.

  • saving money on utilities: solar panels on South, lower oil cost
  • lower transporation
  • lower out-of-district costs
  • higher workers' comp (expected, as this is usually underfunded)
  • higher personal services (legal services, medical services for students)
  • higher school plant maintenance (things put off too long)

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