Friday, January 3, 2020

2020-21 Worcester School Committee assignments

Last night, the (newly sworn-in) Worcester School Committee unanimously voted in Jack Foley as vice-chair for the year of 2020. We also drew for seat assignments, which, if you'll forgive a literal back-of-the-envelope sketch, are like this:
This essentially the view from the gallery.
This also puts me with the reporters directly behind me, FWIW.

Mayor Petty assigns subcommittees, and he has just sent out assignments for the term this morning. They are as follows:

Finance and Operations
Jack Foley-Chair
Molly McCullough-Vice-chair
Dianna Biancheria

Governance and Employee Issues
Laura Clancey-Chair
John Monfredo-Vice-chair
Tracy Novick

School and Student Performance
Tracy Novick-Chair
Dianna Biancheria-Vice-chair
Laura Clancey

Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports
Molly McCullough-Chair
John Monfredo-Vice-chair
Jack Foley

The link, by the way, also gives the Worcester City Council assignments.
Seat assignments don't make a lot of difference, but committee assignments definitely do.

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