Tuesday, June 25, 2019

June Board of Education: Our Way Forward from Commissioner Riley

You can find his report here.
Riley: said he'd take the year to meet with stakeholders
does not replace strategic plan: road map that denotes where we've been and ponders where we should consider going
Ed reform act ushered in a new era
propelled Massachusetts to the top on various national assessments
"so much to be proud of and grateful for"
"my fear is that we may be like Blockbuster video in 1992...thinking that we're the next great American company when we're about to be taken over by Netflix"

NAEP flat
benefit of state standards but narrowing of instruction

I. Deeper Learning for All
NAEP moving in that direction
students less engaged over time
aligned curriculum, but give teachers freedom
reduce learning from play; real world engaging tasks that also excite and inspire them

 II. Holistic Support and Enrichment
can't actually get to learning if kids are in crisis
enrichment opportunity can serve as a buffer to mental health needs

III. Innovation and Evidence-Based Practices
"if we do get this [foundation] funding, we must push districts to add evidence-based practices"
workforce diversity
curriculum that are most important to be in front of children
early college programs
acceleration academies: intensive tutoring over vacation
home visiting programs
targeted literacy instruction
"if we are to come into new dollars in our school systems, we must use those dollars wisely" and these are practices that work

IV. The State as a Partner
"we'll be reviewing some of our policies to see where we can find efficiencies"
various experts inside DESE
"obviously, the state is always going to be a compliance based organization" but seeking to partner

network that looks at practices
space to try out new ideas
letter of intent over summer, applications in fall, start in January

"to lead from the front and partner with districts"

Doherty: "we're going to need money to put these things into place"
"I don't know why this Board..."(implicitly: advocate?)
"I hope that we would have a voice in reaching out to the public" and have a voice in getting funding in schools

Stewart: when you mention that NAEP and PISA are moving, I am interested in our principles in moving in that direction
making real change and communities are making real decisions in the measures of quality in our schools
interested in views on collaborating with MCIEA?
Riley: have been to one of their training, Curtin working with them in K-2
"interested in working with everyone"
think will be involved in some way

Moriarty: think framework each have a role to play in that
think third grade data point is the start of the conversation, not where it ends
I think he just talked about Oak Hill CDC and Union Hill?
suspect making things more widely known to those who write IEPs around dyslexia
has to be dissemintated widely and drill down

McKenna: love concept of DESE as a partner, not just in compliance
think that's seen as something in districts
"I think that's a tribute to you" Commissioner deflects "I inherited the department"

Hills: is this a foot in the door in addition to what we're doing now on assessment? or away from?
Riley: "We are not in any way shape or form abandoning the MCAS test" but wondering if it can take less time, and score more quickly and get it back
also have a chance in building history/social studies assessment to have something that looks different
McKenna: College Board developing these, they aren't bubble tests

Morton: support different parts of it
Workforce diversity: you can't be what you can't see
need to make some changes
early college: students struggle with a college-going identity
acceleration academies: giving more opportunities to develop skills and partners
also like parents as partners
other ways to assess the skills and talents of students, look forward to it

Fernández: feel a renewed sense of hope
hope for a new framing with how we talk about children and families
"not talking about our students as those children but our children"

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