Thursday, March 7, 2019

Problems with the Worcester Public Schools and busing? Monday, 5pm

If you wondered if your concerns as a parent or student were being heard about student transportation, it seems the answer is no:
The Superintendent recommends a phased approach to district operated transportation over the next three to four years. The Superintendent is committed to improved student transportation services but intends to focus district administration’s human resources and efforts to the sustained instructional improvements that have begun at the “underperforming” schools.
...because, it appears, a district of over 4000 employees can't both sustain instructional improvements and transport students in a safe and timely fashion, in the view of the Superintendent.

The choice of what to do with student transportation, however, lies with the School Committee, and the Finance and Operations subcommittee has on their agenda for Monday night the request for bids for student transportation...
...which they could choose not to send out.

I'm planning on being there at 5 on Monday, because I'm tired of wondering if my kids are going to be picked up. It's the fourth floor of 20 Irving Street downtown, if you feel similarly.

I channeled a bit of my outrage on Twitter here.
It's also interesting to note that the second quarter budget report coming out at the same meeting says this: 

The district’s transportation department has continuously been providing expanded customer service for parents and district staff, supervisory coverage for athletic trips during evening and weekends, as well as additional training for drivers.
UPDATE: Decent summary from Scott O'Connell this morning

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