Friday, November 16, 2018

The Board of Ed meets Tuesday, November 20

Super short--but important--agenda!
Two items:
    • The Board is being asked to vote to endorse the budget memo (which goes to the Secretary to the Governor for his consideration in House 1). This recommends that education aid accounts be set at"highest level possible based on available revenues for FY20" specifying Chapter 70, circuit breaker, and charter school reimbursement, and prioritizing next "districts with identified achievement gaps in student learning, to support reforms that have evidence of narrowing achievement gaps." It also mentions the next generation assessment (including the history assessment, so I will adopt their not using MCAS), civics, ELL, STEM, ed licensure, and interagency cooperation.
    • The Board is also being asked to send for public comment the setting of the competency determination for high school science
    I am not going to make this one; I'll catch up later.

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