Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Worcester Citywide Parent group schedule for the year

It looks as though CPPAC (the Worcester Citywide Parent Planning and Advisory Council) is moving to a mostly every-other-month, administration speaker schedule. Here are the dates for the year (including tonight) from the email I received yesterday:

  • October 10th: Guest speaker (Manager for Instruction and School Leadership) Marie Morse presenting on New Literacy Curriculum and Assessment
  • November 14th: Guest speaker (Director of English Language Learners and Community Engagement) Carmen Melendez presenting on ELL Programs
  • December: OFF
  • January 9th: Guest speaker (Manager of Instructional Technology and Digital Learning) Sarah Kyriazis presenting on the new Website
  • February: OFF
  • March 13th: Guest speaker (Chief Financial and Operations Officer) Brian Allen presenting on the FY20 budget
  • April: OFF
  • May 8th: Guest speakers (Deputy Superintendent) Dr. (Susan) O’Neil and Superintendent (Maureen) Binienda presenting on the year end recap and plans for the future
Meetings are at 7pm at the Worcester Art Museum (in the education wing; go in from Lancaster Street). 

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