Thursday, August 10, 2017

The applications for new charter schools and for new charter seats are in.

The full DESE press release is here. The applications are:
The applications for new charters are
Lynn, Equity Charter, 640 seats, grades 5-12
Haverhill, Wildflower Montessori, 270 seats, grades K-8
New Bedford, Cheironeum, 1008 seats, grades 6-12

Phoenix Charter is applying to open a third school with students from Lawrence, Haverhill, and Methuen, with 250 seats in grades 9-12.

The following schools are seeking to add seats:
Holyoke Community, seeking to add high school with 439 seats
KIPP Lynn, seeking to add 1014 seats
Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion, seeking to add 452 seats
Veritas (Springfield), seeking to add 108 seats
Full applications are due November 1; any recommended new charters or expansions will go before the Board in the spring.

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