Tuesday, August 15, 2017


For those seeking resources on Charlottesville:
  • First, do read Jose Vilson on it not just being enough to change curriculum and resources. "A curriculum is only as good as the accompanying approaches and the conscientiousness of the adults in charge of its intent."
  • Xian Franzinger Barrett has "Seven Ways Educators Can Respond to the Evil of Charlottesville, Starting Now":"As teachers, our job is not solely to pour mathematics, science, language arts or any other knowledge into the heads of our students. It is our duty to our profession, to our society and to the students to lovingly teach them to learn and grow as complete humans." 
  • You might check out what NPR and the Chalkbeat have posted.
  • And the UVA Graduate Student Coalition for Liberation has put together this Charlottesville Syllabus. 
  • And more is being added all the time via Twitter at #CharlottesvilleCurriculum.
I'll add more as I see it. 

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