Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday, January 5

The agenda is here.
The report of the superintendent is on MCAC college application day.
There are a few resignations and appointments.
The ongoing saga of there no longer being civil service exams for custodians continues.
Administration is back with a neat little spreadsheet comparing the cost of legal services; the Worcester Public Schools' amount is average (by percent of district spending). It may be worth noting here that Worcester doesn't charge back an amount for use of the city solicitor's office for legal services. Also, I'm curious about Boston's revolving fund.
Worcester won't be submitting an application to the MSBA Information Technology Loan program, as the district has maxed out its Erate amount and so isn't eligible.
In response to Miss Biancheria's request for an update on window projects, the committee has a full update on summer/fall facilities work. 
There is a response on the evaluation of principals (not a lot of detail; mostly who does it).
Mr. O'Connell is looking for information regarding the "successor agreement," which I'm assuming is the updated settlement with the Department of Justice; I'd heard there was one, but I haven't seen it or any mention of it anywhere. 
He's also looking for updated school websites.
There are a series of recognitions (someone may want to make a call about who gets music played during committee meetings and who doesn't...?) and requests for acceptance of a series of donations.
Mr. Monfredo would like to raise substitute pay to $85 a day in the next fiscal year.

There is also an executive session on PCBs (again) and a grievance.

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