Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Board of Ed: another round of public comments

these non-charter related in topic
Katie Ryan from Mass Advocates for Children
Trauma and Learning Policy
support inclusion of a school climate measure in the ESSA
state has taken two steps: Safe and Supportive School law; Chapter 222 "positive responses as opposed to suspension"
both a survey measure and a data measure
students, parents, and staff on perceptions of safety, relationships, access
Sagan: with you in concept but questioning how you can do it in a meaningful, accurate and measurable way
Letter from Boston Student Advisory Council
"we are the reason for schools' existence, but too often voices are not heard"
DESE has opportunity to reset the standard on which schools are measured
measure school climate
survey should not be attached to the MCAS; delivered in a place that encourages thoughtful engagement

Jonathan Rappaport: Arts Learning
applauds inclusion of well-rounded education
"clearly one of the main goals of the new ESSA law"
appreciate DESE clearly listened to parents, teachers, and students over past eight months
Sec'ty Peyser questioned what an arts indicator might look like
brought an example adopted by CT, NY and others
Massachusetts has never had any requirement
10% of elementary time devoted to arts by arts certified teachers
request for data on arts: we have that too!
arts should be included among other successful turnaround strategies
no questions

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