Tuesday, November 29, 2016

DESE FY18 budget proposal

no backup

Craven: budget subcommittee met this morning: great uncertainty
overall revenue picture: discussed a lot the Foundation Budget Review Commission's recommendations (though I will note that FBRC is not mentioned anywhere in their budget recommendations)
making sure baseline funding, "funded at the highest level possible"
additional funding be directed to district needs in meeting the achievement gap: requesting a new "mitigation account" to "fund reform/targeted assistance initiatives...that can be leveraged to improved student learning"
recommendation that the Board still feels passionately about civics education being included
sharing of resources between state agencies
work on reducing out of district special needs placements
early literacy in programming
curriculum and instruction initiatives
recommend new assessment be funded at level to support new initiatives
Stewart: being explicit about our time in learning initiatives so we really know what that is
Peyser: will abstain from votes
will inform budget recommendation "I make to the Governor"
motion, seconded, voted

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