Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Commerce high School: Springfield (Board of Ed)

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Chester: liked to hear from school district prior to exercising takeover option
Springfield empowerment zone has voted to accept Commerce
Commerce will stay as Level 4; Commerce needs a new turnaround plan

Noyce: will this then be the only high school in the empowerment zone; no, there is a 6-12 school as well
does this automatically require a new principal? Not necessarily

update from Springfield: "Commerce has been moving the right direction, just not, in the word, 'rapid'"
dual enrollment pathway
breakfast in the classroom this year
wraparound services: City Connects coordinator
"going to give them the additional autonomies they need to take this to the next level"
"really really exciting time in Springfield"
"having secondary schools be part of the empowerment zone"
another: while moving forward, we wanted to move faster
"how to make sure students are learning a lot more"
"build a Commerce for the 21st century"
have been "on a listening tour"
"authentic and meaningful input"
want to treat adults well; won't compromise standards of excellence for students, but want to support work every day

Noyce: flexibilities in empowerment zone? extra resources?
A: ability of school to create a plan (calendar, schedule, allocation, staffing, and working conditions for staff)
that's an innovation school, as well, but without the loss of school committee oversight
Commerce was denied first year of school improvement in years 2, 3, 4
allocation of Level 4 schools was also redone by district
meeting needs "has been challenging" but necessary

Chester; praises Empower Schools

Morton: serves on board of empowerment zone
"heartwarming to be a part of it"
"have that (coordination) happening proactively"

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