Thursday, December 4, 2014

Request for facilities update online

Biancheria: I know that there are items in F&O in reference to receiving an update
on WPS website, last dated information is February 2012
asking for an update in hard copy to SC, and to update the website
"so we're able to discuss that in the community which would be very helpful"
Boone: as the process for the next update comes through, we'll update
can certainly do a progress along that
once the Facilities Master Plan update is done, it will go up online
Foley: full master plan specs being put together still
Allen: being put together at this point with city
pilot at Doherty
once we get that back, can move forward
once joint committee meets in January, will have a better idea of how that will work out
Biancheria: on website, update on what has been done
Allen: January, February is when SOI's open with MSBA would be an appropriate time to do that

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