Monday, December 8, 2014

Nelson Place VOTE

Just starting the Nelson Place meeting on the design vote.
You can find the presentation tonight here
Full schematic design being submitted this week (Dec. 11)
Plan right now still to have school opened for beginning of school 2016
hope to have a contract awarded to a firm by mid-January
meeting with them later this week
When will construction happen? Starting early 2016

first elementary school in the city in quite some time (I believe it's two decades)
"real good showing of that enthusiasm and those efforts"
stairwells at both ends
building will have solar panels on the roof: "hoping to have 40-50% of electricity" provided by solar panels
"very compact and efficient plan"
"very tough site, a tight site"
separation of drop-offs for parent cars, full sized buses, small buses
main entrance faces the back of the current space
evergreen buffer along bounds with neighbors
four foot fence, ending at wetlands on both ends
mostly glacial till, with rock: "a lot of material that has to move off the site"
Phase I is building site and building
Phase II is taking down current gym and getting at access
Phase II is taking down current building
will build new building by skirting current gym
roads will largely be fill
how will water flow affect Indian Lake? Detention areas on site so there's no increase in runoff; hold water back "and let it out at a much, much lower rate"
water quality issues as dicated by DEP, "that's all part of the calculations that engineers do"
submission to ConCom "probably next April"
Paul Moosey: "This process shows me that the system can work...have a much better plan that we would have been able to do if we just put it together in some office somewhere"
unanimously in favor

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