Thursday, December 19, 2013

Superintendent's evaluation: self-evaluation

regarding the 2012-13 goals
Timeline change:
  • all individual evaluations from School Committee members due to the clerk on January 13, including Ms. Colorio's (as the superintendent is evaluated by the group that has worked during that year)
  • School Committee's evaluation on January 23 (note change of date: there will be no January 16 meeting)
 working on electronic version of form and of evidence
(we have a print-out tonight; it's not up online yet. I will link once it is.)

Short version: Superintendent Boone has rated herself proficient in Instructional Leadership, Family and Community, and Professional Culture; exemplary in Management and Operations.
Of the five goals: she has marked "significant progress" on strengthening communication and safe and secure schools; she has marked "some progress" on percent of students proficient in reading, ELA, and math; increase student achievement through instructional strategies; and focus on percent of students completing high school coursework for college and career readiness.

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