Thursday, December 19, 2013

items under warranties

Biancheria: expressing concerns about the elevator and the TV in the principal's office that's supposed to be hooked into the security at North High School

Boone:  different way of doing buildings before MSBA; North was built under the transition
concerns about systems at North
challenges of the design pieces
Allen: oversimplification to suggest that facilities is not on top of this
"I think that you get what you pay for...the facilities budget has been lessened over time"
"don't have the luxury of putting money into simple care and maintenance"
Mayor requests a report on the issues of North High since it's open
Boone: reminder that WPS did not have direct oversight of construction during the process of building North High; "we have not ignored the challenges in that new building"
O'Connell: key issues as we deal with Nelson Place School
"inter-relationship between the state, the city, and ourselves"
"there is a real issue...occur because of the lack of oversight from those of the school system"
"state is building in some key oversight"
suggests a commissioning agent in place during construction (who is paid for by us)
Novick: no one is more frustrated than Facilities staff
MSBA also considers North a legacy project and, we hope, has learned from it

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