Thursday, July 26, 2012

Transfers by school and reasons in accountability

You can find the report here. Pretty interesting numbers, incidentally.
O'Connell pulls out Doherty: any reason for high rate of transfers at Doherty? Anything schools should look at for retaining students?
Perda: struck by large numbers of transfers to another Worcester Public Schools
rate of mobility of Worcester families moving within the city
onus on the district to ensure there are relatively seamless transfers from one district school to another
strain on the classroom teachers
O'Connell: proof that it does happen; much for moving, strain of economy
does administration have recommendations for seamless transfers?
Novick: numbers on kids going to jail; we should know
would like to be notified on students being long-term suspended for disciplinary infractions
Biancheria: "confirmed dropout plans unknown"
review of numbers on dropouts: going back to chapter 74 programs
"we need to begin a process and an action plan...this is a decision that they are making that is going to affect the rest of their lives"
"mobility and dropping out are two issues" that we need to focus on
Perda references the different levels; there may be different practices at different schools
Perda reviews efforts going on: credit buyback, Challenge and Reach Academies, tracking kids earlier who indicators of possibly dropping out.
Biancheria asking for grade level of dropping out and grade level of transfers
Notes high rate of transfers: asks for tracking single students (could one have gone from Doherty to Burncoat to South? Yes. Looking at that.)
Item is held at the subcommittee level

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