Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here's the recommended allocation on $1.7 million

 Note that all of the following is subject to School Committee allocation:
Tonight, Superintendent Boone announced a recommendation to the School Committee that positions be restored or added to the following elementary schools:
1 Belmont
2 Elm Park
1 Goddard
1 Grafton St
1 McGrath
1 Quinsig
1 Tatnuck Magnet
1 Flagg Street
1 Union Hill
There are also five teachers being held for assignment in the fall, pending August class numbers.

She announced that the following secondary positions would be added:
1 WEMS science
1 Burncoat High science
1 Doherty communication/advertising
1 North technology & business
1 South math
1 Worcester Tech science

And that full-time nurses would be at:
Challenge and Reach Academy
Lake View
Lincoln St
May St
St. Casmir
and another full-time nurse added at Quinsig

 The School Committee takes up the budget again on June 21st.

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