Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back at Council

And we have the unusual sight of City Manager at the center table with Superintendent Boone and both finance officers.
O'Brien: "both took heed of both the city council and school committee's desire to see additional resources brought to the classrooms...began to work on that request, viewing it as a shared responsibility for the Worcester Public Schools"
additional $1.7 million (part of that isn't "new" money; it's school money being reallocated)
"cityside, committed to a partnership"
Match of $350,000 cityside with $350,000 to fund ten additional teachers.when matched by $350,000 from WPS
reduction in City Manager's contingency reduced by $35,000
total of $750,000 for additional teachers
$1million set aside to address PCBs by priority in Worcester Public budget; this is now coming OFF the Worcester Public budget
That million can now be used for "investments within the classroom"
Total of $1.75 million, $1.35 coming from city

Specifics of $350,000 schoolside will be presented on Thursday at School Committee budget
will complete Worcester East Middle School science labs
hoping that MSBA funding next stage of funding for schools
"we'll also talk about what the future will be"
"look at the funding structure for schools going forward"

O'Brien: ten teachers, additional nine for MassCore program, well as six nurses
there's some interchange here as Brian Allen checks the manager's math
"going to require a partnership going forward"
  $75,000 going forward to bring in an audit
"five year realistic projections from 2014 forward"
"what the classroom needs are...very clear and concise process"
"as well as fixed cost escalators"
"the conversation on this really needs to start as soon as this budget is blessed"
MSBA "going to require additional resources to match"

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