Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FY13 DESE budget forum

taking a few notes from the budget forum
Reville: to give you sense of the budget challenges we face as the Governor prepares his budget for FY13
begin by talking about budget overall, including restraints
then education in particular
then questions to comment on
not a legislative hearing, so much as a opportunity for a conversation

Review here of what drives the state budget: tax revenue collection (based on FY12), spending pressures, loss of one-time or short term resources
Tax revenues have been recovering: just now getting back to what we'd hit in 2008
"sound fiscal management" in this adminstration, says Reville
 balanced approach using cuts, revenue, rainy day funds, and stimulus funds; reduction of reliance on one-time resources
note that taxes are 62% of revenue sources for the state
chart showing expenses: education and ch.70 aid is 18% of the budget
55% is for health and human services
continuing cost pressures from Medicaid and other health care services
most states are making cuts to meet their budgets
federal subcommittee established: did not meet schedule, not clear what will happen
some cuts will hit as early as latter part of January
move state revenue into services provided by federal government
Patrick includes "eliminate the achievement gap" as one of his four top priorities
a bit over 67% of education in the state budget goes to Ch. 70 aid
recording investment in ch.70 for FY12
innovation schools: 20 across the state, $1 million in grants awarded
$28M in wraparound grants
Gateway cities : high standards, rigorous accountability
comprehensive student services: health and ready to learn; differentiated services
"new expectations for college and career readiness"
"innovation fund to promote best practices and build stronger partnerships"
"the dilemma of how you build  a budget in light of the limits here described"
some shrinkage below what we'd consider "maintenance"

  • what are your priorities for FY13?
  • what are your ideas for increasing revenues and decreasing expenses?
  • where should the administration focus our resources?
South High principal Maureen Binienda: "I've always tried to figure out a way that we can close the achievement gap"
She's speaking of MIMSY, citing their numbers on AP: wanting increased funding to match

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