Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Worcester East Middle School Let's GO!

Today I went over to Worcester East Middle School for some celebratory photos of the students and teachers who'd been involved in the Let's GO! Worcester East Middle group this year. They went out on over 100 trips: hiking, biking, snowshoeing, mountain climbing, and canoeing. Plenty of the kids had never done anything like that. All together, nearly 40% of the student body at Worcester East Middle went on at least one trip (they're in the photo!), and if you take every student's mileage, add it together, you get enough to go from here to San Francisco! Howard Fain, who is a science teacher, was the heart, soul, and driving force behind it all, and he's deserves huge credit, as to Mass Audubon, their major partner, and Fallon, their major funder.
The mayor was kind enough to issue a proclamation for them; photos are here.

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