Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flavored milk and lunches

the new federal nutrition act would effectively eliminate all flavored milk. The School Committee is asking for input from parents on that.

Note that schools are now required to have potable water avaliable at all lunchrooms to see how it might be implemented.

Also, the School Committee is asking principals about "the timeframe for student lunches and the lunchroom policies/procedures" for elementary and middle schools, to report back to TLSS.
Concerns raised by parents and staff, and varies across the we have spent much time and discussion and research around recess, "this now seems to be the item on the table."
Mullaney: "what happened to site based management...very opposed to telling principals how to run their buildings...what are we going to do with this information...really frightens me when we put these well-meaning items out there and don't consider the time and effort that goes into them...if we plan to use this as we did the recess thing, to get into the procedures...very wary of overstepping our role..concerned about the school committee" Asks for a roll call
Motion passes 5-1 (mayor is out of the room)

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