Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How does Tech admit students?

Scholastic achievement, for a maximum of 40 points (every A is 5, B is 4, C is 3, D is 2, F is 0) IS NOT WEIGHED BY LEVEL
Attendance, for a maximum of 20 points (10 or fewer unexcused absences, 20 points; 20 or less, 15; 30 or less, 10; 40 or less, 5)
School discipline  for a maximum of 20 points
Counselor recommendation for a maximum of 20 points

This is a STATE system
A list of all students applying from 100 points down is created; the kids are admitted by score.
Thus the school aims to, but does not, reflect the demographics of the district, as we cannot admit with that in mind.

Monfredo asks if we've looked at getting kids hooked up with information in seventh grade.
can the state allow flexibility in using this admissions process? Not so far, but we'll check
There is no weight made for Worcester/non-Worcester student: can we include a preference?
What if a child opts in through school choice and then wants to go to one of our voke programs?
O'Connell asks that these be looked at closely.

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