Thursday, August 26, 2010

General business

(That's what "gb" in the item number stands for...did you know?)

recommendation on expenditure of health insurance trust fund and early retirement incentive
asking for report from Special ed director on expenditure of assistive technology for special education (are we behind on our expenditures?)

election of delegate and alternate to MASC Delegate Assembly of MASC in November (I was elected...which I'm honored to be entrusted with)

making recommendations to MA BoE on material for "Massachusetts Supplement" to Common Core Standards
states are allowed to add to the Common Core up to 15%
refered to TLSS
aligning our curriculum in mathematics and ELA to Common Core by the 2012-13 school year

the Maxine Levy scholarship fund is up to $14,752

rewrite of homeschooling communication in line with MA case law (added by the mayor: how we handle kids who are homeschooling coming in for part days. added by Biancheria: how many kids are homeschooled in Worcester)

another legislative meeting: Monfredo recommends meeting in November, then schedule meetings for the rest of the year (January, March, April)

charter school transportation costs: provided at no costs Monday to Thursday; Friday they have an early release, providing WRTA passes (about $5000) for that day
their transportation schedule and their location of students can use the same 90 buses that we have
$750,000 for private/ parochial/ charter students to be bussed
the mayor would like to know if the kids signing up qualify for free or reduced lunch (using addresses of students asking for transportation)


diane said...

Do the private schools/parochial schools contribute to transportation costs?

Tracy Novick said...

No. We are required to provide them by state law.