Monday, August 16, 2010

About that education funding...

So how is it that some might get funding, but not all?
If, as I commented below, Governor Patrick goes through with only fully funding Ch. 70, districts that did not get a Ch.70 cut of 4% in the FY11 budget will get funds now. Districts like Worcester, that, if they'd receieved that 4% cut, would have been below foundation, will not receive funds now, as they have a fully funded--though, in the case of Worcester, just, as we once again have NO funding about the state mandated minimum--foundation budget.
Why the disparity?
(And I had to ask, too...)
Communities don't all contribute the same proportion to the foundation budget of their schools. Even setting aside what communities that are funding at 114%, 110% and so forth of foundation are doing over and above, some communites are funding 1/3 of their school spending (read: Worcester), and some are funding significantly more.
When Worcester Public Schools get a 4% cut in the state part of the funding, it's a significantly bigger proportion of the bottom line than it is in a community that funds more internally.

So then, why should Worcester get funds now?
The funds can be used not only this year, but next year. Part of the reason why Worcester did not have to lay off enormous numbers of people this year was due to savvy rationing of the federal stimulus funds; $10 million of WPS budget for FY11 is federal funds carefully set aside from previously. Those funds will run out this year. If we are to stave off the enormous gap in WPS finances for FY12, we're going to need some help. I think we all have our doubts about more help coming from the federal government at this point; if this is it, Worcester is going to need help next year.

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T-Traveler said...

on Friday, Jordan said no city manager cares more or has done more for education, and he has known them all. How does taht square with the city'a annual minimal contribution above foundation level?

Off-topic, why not push to consolidate IT departments (city and school) when so much of teh cost of the city IT department is assigned to teh schools in the foundation budget calculation?