Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Councilor Rosen on the tax rate

"I hope our colleges and universities are watching tonight and that this will motivate them to do their part...but I'm not going to beat them up tonight"

"I wish we had many more businesses...I want businesses to stay here, and I want businesses to come we need more? We certainly do. We as homeowners need more businesses...increase the commercial tax base."

Businesses made a "pretty good point"

Hopes they'll be "more vocal tomorrow...trying to educate the city of Worcester"

This "is not a low rate"

(Here's where it gets interesting, folks!)

Need to ask.."do we have too many people on the payroll?"...need to cut expenses...take at the look at budget next spring...he's sure it will be painful, but it's "the only way out of it"..take a look at the people we have working in the city..."maybe we have too many"

Agrees that this will mean a cut in services, but "I don't know that we can afford this"

vote for LRTR

"Please...(homeowners) do pay plenty...they cannot pay any more. That's not a deal they can afford now.'
Vote for LRTR

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Joe6pk said...

I'm sorry I cannot comment right now. My brain misfired as I was trying to make sense of what Gary Rosen said.