Sunday, June 1, 2008

What happens next?

So, now that we've passed the education budget, what happens next?

  1. The Finance Committee has a hearing on Tuesday afternoon for Health and Human Services (including the Library), Economic and Neighborhood Development (including the airport, Union Station, and cable), Administration and Finance, Capital Campaign, and Line Item Budget. From how things went last week, it sure looks like the mayor is pushing to get things done. Unless something goes off the rails somewhere, this will go through Tuesday night.
  2. Tuesday night is the regular City Council meeting. At some point, either during the meeting or even beforehand at the hearing, the City Council as Finance Committee will take up the issue of the $250,000 from the airport. There's two orders up for this one: Councilor Palmieri's order for the money to go to the library, and a jointly sponsored one by Councilors Eddy, Germain, Smith, Rosen, Rushton, and Toomey that the money go to the schools.
  3. Should the parts of the budget all pass on Tuesday, the entire budget will be put on the agenda for the City Council meeting on June 10, next Tuesday. At that time, the City Council will vote on the entire budget.
At that time, the different city departments will know where they stand for next year. It looks as though the School Committee is moving ahead with the first hearing on the school budget on Thursday (4-6 pm, City Council chamber), with a hearing following the budget approval on June 19.

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