Thursday, June 5, 2008

On sports

Mullaney gives us a preview of her graduation speech, at which the superitendent demands equal time (Mullaney is heading out to Doherty's graduation shortly), speaking of the impact of sports on kids' lives.

"So short sighted to cut athletic programs"

Adjorning at 5:40, as most the School Committee is heading out to Doherty's graduation.
Some conversation of having a 3 pm session.

O'Connell: other sources of funding for sports targeted for elimination? Funding from the Worcester Educational Foundation (which is for the arts, currently)? Can we ask them to consider that?

Caradonio says that it's a very small amount of money: "just tweaks" "If someone out in the listening public would like to fund one of these things...sure, we would take that. We see these as being efficient uses of the taxpayer dollars."

O'Connell asks about Sports Alive, which Hargrove rises to confirm it still exists.

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