Friday, July 19, 2019

Well, this is hopeful

h/t to Yawu Miller at The Bay State Banner for getting something useful out of the Education Committee on where they're at with the funding bill, namely from Senate chair Jason Lewis:
“The Senate really sees this as an equity issue,” he said, speaking to the demonstrators in Nurses Hall. “Schools that serve low-income students and black and brown students are not able to provide the same level of resources as higher-income school districts that are predominantly white.” 
Lewis also said many legislators are concerned about attempts to increase mandates for testing and provisions for greater state intervention in struggling districts. 
“Just as important as what’s in this bill is what’s kept out,” he said. “The broader issue of new accountability systems is not something we’ll address with funding legislation. The main focus of the bill is to fund our schools.”
We can hope so. 

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