Sunday, December 9, 2018

Consider the source

I saw that this presentation from former Secretary of Education Paul Reville got a good bit of press a week or so ago; what I didn't see get fleshed out quite as much is the event at which he was presenting. The main sponsor? The Mass Education Equity Partnership. And who is that? Basically, Families for Excellent Schools (the pro-Question 2 folks) reborn.
I think it's important to note that so far, MEEP is the main voice pointing out that educational inequities are tied to race and ethnicity in Massachusetts. That's a problem, because we don't need the funded-dark-money-only-solution-is-privatization crew making that point for us.
Watch this one. As we head into a new Legislative session and the debate over how to increase funding for public education in Massachusetts heats up, this is going to be an easy group for the Governor to align with.
Arguably, of course, he already has.

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