Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Berkshires aren't happy

Pittsfield has organized a letter to be sent to their delegation regarding the inaction on the foundation budget; thus far, they have been joined by Berkshire Hills Regional. From yesterday's Berkshire Eagle
The bill's derailment has frustrated, even angered, local school officials, who are trying to keep up with costs within a rural economy and diminishing student populations.
"The [school] committee deplores the failure of the General Court ... to revise the foundation budget," reads the Pittsfield Public Schools' resolution, also unanimously approved by its School Committee.
In related coverage in the Berkshire Edge:
The resolution passed by the Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee reads, in part, that, in passing the most recent budget, the state legislature “has violated the public trust by failing to revise the foundation budget funding for Massachusetts public school districts.” Furthermore, that inaction compromises the district’s programming and “constitutes a failure to recognize the ever greater financial pressure on all communities such as our member towns of Great Barrington, Stockbridge and West Stockbridge.”
Note that the Edge has links to lots that's relevant. 

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