Wednesday, July 11, 2018

House on the foundation budget

I've been tweeting coverage of the House taking up bill H4730, implementing some parts of the Foundation Budget Review Commission.
Rep. Peisch in her address said, among much else, that there was no specific recommendation of the Foundation Budget Review Commission on English language learners. This is not the case; if you read page 10 of the report, there is a specific dollar amount included. If she was concerned about a full statewide calculation, that is easy math. We don't need more study for that.

Both Rep. Sanchez and Cabral spoke in other languages (Sanchez in Spanish, Cabral in Portuguese) while addressing English language learning.

Most notably, Rep. Vega, who had proposed a bill that would fully implement the recommendations, withdrew his amendment, so no rep had to take a position on it.

UPDATE: At 4:20, the House adopted a technical amendment with no debate and began a roll call on the bill. The technical amendment requires the report they're requiring on ELL and low income students to come back with specific actions in time for inclusion in the FY20 budget.

UPDATE: Bill passes 147-0

The bill thus goes to conference committee, where House and Senate members will attempt to come to an agreement over the bill's particulars.

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