Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March Board of Ed: LOOK Act regulation

Backup is here
Vote is to go out to public comment, but this is first look at it so there is a presentation
two sets of changes: one required by LOOK, the other on English learners in vocational program
"best meet the needs of their English learner students"
support to districts on new programs
teachers and admin to develop knowledge and skills needed for support
promotion of biliteracy

Four reg changes on EL:

  • English learner programs: new SEI or alternative program; specifies process
  • English learner advisory council: specific actions the school district is required to bring to them; participation in school and district improvement plans 
  • bilingual education endorsement: outlines requirements to meet it; required by core content teachers in a bilingual program 
  • state seal of biliteracy: criteria districts need to follow to award seal
timelines for implementation: new programs due by January 1, 2019; Parent Advisory councils next school year; endorsed educators annually; state seal of biliteracy anticipated next school year

greater alignment between vocational educators and the rest of educators
pilot programs run out of Greater Lowell Tech and Worcester Tech
rolling requirement on vocational teachers serving English learners needing Sheltered English Immersion endorsement

Doherty asking about funding of getting teachers through SEI endorsement
Wulfson: "right now we're focused on getting money in the '19 budget and then we'll see where we are"
Fernandez: what does going out for public comment mean? this is really complicated information for families to understand "especially for those this affects and impacts"
purpose of State Seal of Biliteracy?
Wulfson: to encourage districts to offer programs that allow students to come out of high school knowing two or more languages
Peyser: to recognize also the home language of English learners
McKenna notes tight timeline
Sagan: this won't come up as a surprise; people are expecting it
McKenna: getting to the right people
Moriarty: just to preview thoughts and concerns...
Sagan calls the question: carries for public comment
Moriarty "want to make sure it's not just stamp a box"
looking at how that process is going to happen locally
Peske: early conversations around evaluation of biliteracy


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