Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November Board of Ed: Commissioner search update

Sagan: consultant was here yesterday
preliminary screening committee met yesterday for the first time
"we appear to be on the schedule so far"
"we are on an aggressive schedule, but we will take the time that we need"
deadline of December 15
consultant "has been very pleased with the response"
"makes me optimistic that we'll have some great people to consider"
committee will meet again on December 18
screening committee will interview some of those who have applied
then will meet in early January to vote some to move forward
January 17 and 18 are being held by Board to interview finalists publicly
selection made by end of January (Board meets week after interview dates on the 23rd)
homework for screening committee interview and for full Board
Sagan is now distributing what was done by Board 11 years ago
consultant also prepared something that he is also handing out
Sagan to follow up with each Board member
suggestion: implementation of public equity
"get them to tell us about their experience in a way that goes beyond the resume"
Stewart clarifies: Board would vote at regular Board meeting on January 23?
some concern over what else might be on the agenda
Sagan: "But NO ONE should think that that meeting will be a short one: it never is!"

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