Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Speaking of school funding formulas, Kansas is back

Their state Supreme Court struck down their changed formula as inadequate:
The court said in a much-anticipated ruling that the state's $293 million spending increase after an earlier ruling failed to provide its students with an "adequate" public education. The state's legislature now has until July 2018 to come up with a new funding formula, according to the ruling. The state is spending close to $4.3 billion on K-12 in the current fiscal year.
The legislature, already dealing with a series of spending cuts after a years-long revenue shortfall, will now have to figure out how to raise more money to spend on its public schools. Legislators have been reluctant to raise taxes, though a growing chorus of teachers and parents in the state have pushed for more spending on schools.
It's worth noting that part of what the Legislature tried to do was tie the new funding up in a lot of requirements. 

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