Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Board of Ed: revision of ELA and math

back up is here
Chester: don't want to run right past this moment in time
Massachusetts history of setting strong standards, "envy of most of the nation"
anchoring a state educational system that has succeed in way that no other state has
industry practice to periodically review and revise standards
lots of commentary, lots of discussion of what's working well, what can afford to be clarified
Very "robust process"
standards "are the Commonwealth's own"

Peyser: inclusive, transparent and thorough process
deep conversations and sometimes spirited debate
"consistent with where we have been in the past"
much was left the same, references "pressure testing by the department"
these being Massachusetts "was affirmed by this process"
changes "represent significant improvements over what we had before"
fiction and non-fiction balance, as addressed in the field
questions around close reading, more sustained reading, encouraging a love of reading for all students
"hopefully not only are the standards stronger, but their implementation will be stronger in the field"

Peske now doing introductions
asked if it would increase coherence, rigor and clarity before making changes
online public comment, meetings across the state, work with groups
high rate of agreement that changes increased coherence, rigor, and clarity (taken separately)
seek for clarity of how standards might be applied in some comments
likewise responses for mathematics (some discussion around content in early grade classes)
some discussion around "explore" v "explain" move to "analyse and justify"
different math pathways with consistent expectations in both categories
support for literacy across the curriculum: need for understanding symbols and abbreviations across the curriculum; other content areas connections to mathematics; speaking and listening in literacy; connection and need for literacy mathematical communication
civic learning and engagement: content knowledge; intellectual skills; participatory skills; dispositions
civic readiness: "the ultimate goal is bigger than [the classroom]; it's preparing students for our democracy"
improved glossary around terms used

Next steps: copyediting, updating author lists, transmiting statewide and to Joint Committee, providing implementation support, aligning MCAS with new standards for spring 2018

McKenna: civics is new addition; would like background and what got us there
follow up; civics at April meeting

passes unanimously

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