Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some great quotes on the use of district determined measures (DDMs) this MassLive article; to wit:
"The research isn't there that shows you can tie assessments to a teacher's performance," said Jake Oliveira, president of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, which supports the amendment. "Our principals, teachers and superintendents find this to be onerous and unnecessary."
...which, bluntly, is true. There is no research to support the impact of an individual teacher on an individual student. 

Beyond the problem of the Commissioner's position being unsupported by research, there are a few other things I find problematic: this continues DESE's conflation of state requirements with what happens in schools and school districts. There are--thankfully--many, many things that go on in schools and districts that the state has nothing to do with. And teacher evaluation should not be under the purview of the state; that it is is a result of Race to the Top.
Also, "student learning" certainly isn't authentically evaluated by test scores, nor is it evaluated by the one (or small number) -off DDMs. Student evaluation should be an ongoing process within the classroom.

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